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Counting to God author Douglas Ell, a former atheist, says “I’ve spent more than 30 years reconciling science and God, because I needed scientific evidence to believe in God.”

In our time, the pursuit of scientific and philosophical knowledge has largely been the domain of narrowly focused professionals and academics. Ell’s work represents a return to the more open-minded, broad thinking of the Renaissance and Scientific Revolution, when intelligent people of diverse backgrounds exchanged information not to further professional careers, but as part of a collective effort to advance science and reason.

Douglas Ell grew up in Connecticut, and graduated early from MIT, where he double majored in math and physics. He then obtained a masters in theoretical mathematics from the University of Maryland. After graduating from law school, magna cum laude, he became a prominent attorney. Ell drafted the first 401(k) plan in professional sports and has represented a number of nationally recognized corporations, unions and pension plans. He has litigated nationally with great success and persuaded Congress to make important changes in employee benefits laws.

As a lawyer Ell learned how to sift through competing arguments and the importance of carefully considering different points of view, skills which he has now used to untangle the confused and often emotional relationship between science and religion.

His legal training and work, combined with his academic science background and a lifetime of independent study, has given him a uniquely grounded approach to science, religion, and philosophy.

Interviews and Speaking Engagements

Counting to God author Doug Ell is available for interviews, guest appearances on radio and television programs, and speaking engagements at educational institutions and houses of worship – either live or via telephone, Skype or other videoconference.

If you would like to speak to Doug, or set up an interview, speech or meeting, please click here for our contact form.

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How to buy the book

Counting To God is available through Amazon (click here to purchase) and can also be ordered through the Ingram catalog at most bookstores.

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