Amazing Animals

I’m on a group chat, where hundreds of scientists post evidence relating to the existence of God. When I checked back in recently I had over 2,000 unread emails. Here are a few items that astounded me.

As you know, in my view Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection acting on random mutations has been repeatedly disproved. Life has so many systems that could not possibly have evolved in this way. You can’t get technology by chance.

The first article is from Science Daily, a popular science magazine, dated June 6, 2016:

Birds have two sensory organs for orientation and navigation in the Earth’s magnetic field: They use their beak to measure the strength of the magnetic field, while their eyes provide directional information.

Did you get that? Birds (any many other animals, including some fish and turtles) can essentially “see” the direction of the Earth’s magnetic field, and feel how strong it is. With this knowledge, and very complex processing ability (because the Earth’s magnetic field constantly changes slightly) they are able to migrate to precise spots. The article states that the birds’ eyes contain the protein “cryptochrome.” This is a complex protein made up by snapping together between 500 and 1,000 amino acids in a chain, and then precisely folded.

So we are to believe this technology arose by chance from random mutations? Fairy tale! To navigate by the Earth’s magnetic field you need to know both the direction and strength and have processing ability. How do you get it all by chance? How do 500 or more amino acids magically get in the right order?

The second article is also from Science Daily, dated June 7, 2016. It reports that certain fish can recognize human faces. Yes, you read that right, fish can recognize faces. The experiment involved archerfish, which can spit jets of water to knock down prey. The fish were given food if they spit at the right face. The archerfish could recognize the right face, from up to 44 choices, 86% of the time. “The fish continued to spit at the face they had been trained to recognize, proving that they were capable of telling the two apart.” As the article notes, this is “an impressive feat, given this task requires sophisticated visual recognition capabilities.”

So how did the archerfish come to be able to recognize faces? How did this technology “evolve” from natural selection of random mutations?

Third, we have a continued stream of evidence that birds are smarter than we thought. Some birds can remember where they stored hundreds of seeds. Birds have been observed storing a seed in one place while another bird was watching, and later moving that seed to a “safe” location. Crows can solve complicated problems, like dropping stones in a pitcher to raise the water level to get a drink (a puzzle made famous by Aesop). “New Caledonian crows have shown the ability to use three tools in succession to get to a food source.” (BBC News). And, of course, parrots can mimic human speech.

So where did all these animals get all this fantastic technology? How did birds, which are only distantly related to primates, get such advanced brains? All of this technology is highly advanced, and results from the digital coding of DNA. If your smartphone had this technology, would you think it could have arisen by chance? As I’ve proven repeatedly, you can’t get new working code by chance.

Science proves there is a God. Thanks for reading.