Information – Monkeys or God?

Where does information come from? Did you ever hear of that blind monkey typing? Some argue that, if the monkey types long enough, you will get anything you are looking for.

But simple math shows the monkey cannot generate meaningful information within the “probabilistic resources” of the universe. Take any stream of words/letters more than one hundred letters long. If every particle (proton, neutron, electron) in the universe was a monkey, each typing at random as fast as theoretically possible (enough books to fill a ball 200 million miles in diameter every second!), for the entire 14 billion years of the universe, you still have essentially zero chance that your particular arrangement of words/letters appears ANYWHERE in all those books!

Now combine that with the recent stunning accepted scientific fact that every species has large amounts of new information. This information is in the form of unique DNA coding (genes) containing the instructions to build the machine parts (proteins) that make that organism unique, like preventing freezing in polar cod or toxins for jellyfish. The leaf cutter ant has over 9,000 unique genes, and each is like a paragraph of information.

Where did all this information come from? Darwinian theories based solely on accidental mutations and natural selection don’t work. The monkey couldn’t have typed it by accident. Information is scientific evidence of the existence of God.

Thanks for reading.