Talk About Science

Science is the elephant in our churches, synagogues, and mosques we don’t acknowledge. We need to change fast. We need to talk about science.

A recent paper documents damage caused by the anti-religious bias of our mass media, combined with the reluctance or inability of many religious leaders to speak up about science. Fifty-five percent of adults believe “science and religion [are] often in conflict”. Close to 30% of young adults brought up with a religious background think “churches are out of step with the scientific world” and that “Christianity is anti-science.” Studies show that 59-70% of young adults who used to regularly attend church will drop out of organized religion during their early adult years. Some will return, but not all. The paper tells of one devout young man who killed himself after reading a popular pseudoscience book bashing religion.

It will take time, but the good news is that modern science strongly supports belief in God in many ways. We need to talk about science.

When we deny our children the true facts of science, our children are vulnerable to claims that the universe is pointless and that life is but a chemical accident.We watch in horror as they abuse themselves with drugs and alcohol, and abuse each other.We watch them walk into public places with automatic weapons and start shooting.We ask “where is God” when it happens.I think God asks why we withhold and deny evidence of design. [Counting To God, p. 213]

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