Is it “Smart” to Believe?

If you’re reading this, you probably know that millions of people think belief is outdated and that science is in conflict with religion. Atheists claim that “smart” people move past the old superstitions to some sort of materialistic philosophy. Like many other Atheist claims, when you look at the facts, it’s blatantly false.

A recent article claims that, of the 10 people on Earth with the highest IQs, at least 8 are Theists and at least 6 of those are Christians.  I don’t know whether these really are the 10 smartest people on Earth, but it is a very impressive group.

Before 150 years ago, basically all educated persons were Theists – they believed in God. Many were Deists rather than Christians, they believed that God created the universe and life and then left us to sort it out on our own, but they were overwhelmingly believers. People then studied science to learn how God worked – how he made the universe, the Earth, and life. Now we’ve got a small but vocal group of Atheist scientists who want us to think that all of this design, all the wonders of the universe and every species on Earth, happened by chance. The basic message of my book is that science actually strongly supports belief in God, and I give seven areas where that is true. Each area, by itself, is very strong evidence for the existence of God.

So I would answer “yes,” it is smart to believe.

Thanks for reading.