How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

I see this stuff all the time. A recent news feed included a report that scientists have found striped marlin communicate by rapidly changing the color of their stripes. This helps them to avoid hurting each other. It’s like they announce “stop, it’s my turn to hunt.” And not just marlin. The scientists add, “We already have footage of hunting behavior of sailfish and mahi mahi, where we have seen even more pronounced and variable color change than in marlin.”

Fantastic systems of communication are not new. On page 161 of my 2014 book Counting to God, I noted that “Caribbean reef squid communicate by the colors, patterns, and textures on their skin.” They can carry on two different “conversations” at the same time! Even plants communicate! Some plants, when attacked, give off signals that tell other plants to create chemicals to discourage attacking animals. In 2018, I wrote a blog post on the amazing communication systems in life.

The news feed article on striped marlin stated that the “discovery sheds light on the evolution of predatory group behaviors in fish.” Seriously? Exactly what evolutionary light does it shed? How stupid do they think we are? As I wrote in my 2018 blog post:

Language is a subject Darwinian evolutionists prefer to ignore. Do you really think blue whales got together to decide what their songs mean? That bees sat around and agreed that shaking the thorax means the nectar is south? We have left plausibility far behind.

And where does human language come from? There is no known mechanism as to how human speech “evolved.” No theories are supported by evidence. Noted linguist Noam Chomsky admits that there is no clear path for the “evolution” of human speech.

Harvard calls its biology department the “Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology.” I am not making that up. How stupid do they think we are? We’re supposed to believe complex systems just “evolve” from accidental mistakes in DNA coding? I am in contact with one of Harvard’s top biologists, who assures me privately he agrees it’s all nonsense.

Communication systems require complex technology to allow an organism to send signals, complex technology to allow that same organism to receive those particular signals, complex technology to process the signals into patterns, and agreements as to what each pattern means. Only God could design these systems. Period. And they are everywhere. I see this stuff all the time, new findings of beautiful and complex technology in life.

How can they keep telling us these complex systems arose without a master Designer, without God? How stupid do they think we are?


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And please do share the good news. Modern science confirms the existence of God.

Doug Ell

March 2024