Rise Above

It’s taken almost two years, but I’ve finally finished my new book. I’m proud of it. I was going to update my first book, Counting To God, and put in new scientific discoveries and insights since 2014. I may still do that. But my co-author, Steve Eggleston, noted that many people don’t or won’t read nonfiction, and wondered if there was a way to tell a story that would grab readers yet get across the message our society needs to hear – modern science requires a creator God.

That led to a lot of thought, and quite a few restless nights, as my brain struggled to find a worthy plot with memorable characters. But overall it was a lot of fun. The story is mostly set in a mansion in Greenwich Connecticut, as the ultra-rich protagonist, John Arnold, faces impending death from terminal cancer. He struggles to come to grips with the existence of God, and what to do with his money. His three distant children are summoned home on Christmas Eve by their mother, and are shocked to learn that John is considering giving the family fortune to God, and cutting them out. Sparks fly, and that’s just the start.

Here is a blog post by Melissa Caudle, or Dr. Mel as she calls herself, which contains a video of her interview of me. The book is available on Amazon here.

Our world is careening out of control, and yet science continues, with each passing year, to reveal new wonders of the creation of the universe and of life. The message of modern science is that we are not here by accident. It’s a message the world needs to hear. God knows, I’ve tried.

One request please. If you like the book, please give me a good review on Amazon. That will help spread the word.

Thanks for reading.

Douglas Ell

January 2024