Seeing Clearly

You probably know your eyes have photocells that react to light. You may not know they are pointed away from the light. They are “reverse-wired,” with biological wires sticking out on the side nearest the light.

This didn’t make sense. Atheists argued it couldn’t have been by design. “It is the principle of the thing that would offend any tidy-minded engineer!” wrote Richard Dawkins in 1986. Guess what? A new study rejects this Atheist argument from ignorance. Complex cells in front concentrate light into the photoreceptors.

“The retina is not just the simple detector and neutral image processor, as believed until today,” said Erez Ribak, a professor at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. “Its optical structure is optimized for our vision purposes.”

As we learn about the universe and about life, we continue to be amazed by God’s wondrous creation and life’s spectacular technology. In a previous post I described new evidence about how vital the appendix is, including as a reservoir of necessary bacteria. The appendix was once thought to be useless, and Atheists argued it couldn’t have been designed. Another post noted that our DNA is not mostly “junk” as Atheists claimed; most “and likely all” of our 3.2 billion letters of DNA serve a purpose.

When Atheists don’t understand something and they perceive it as poor design, they argue from ignorance there is no God. When wondrous technology is revealed, they argue it proves Darwin’s theory. Can you see how this makes no sense? As I’ve shown, the idea that you can get technology by chance is mathematical insanity.

Another new study reveals the complex technology in our brains that processes visual information. “Higher cortical areas can influence and modulate how we see by modifying the responses of neutrons at the earliest stages in the visual pathway through feedback connections.” This research “underscores . . . that the perception of visual stimuli evolves from dynamic processes in widely distributed networks in the brain.”

Our eyes and bodies have amazing technology to allow us to see clearly. Unfortunately, many people aren’t able to see through the thick fog of Atheist pseudoscience. The more you know about true science, the more you can clearly see the existence of God.

Thanks for reading.