Different Paths

This week I drove across Florida to be a guest on “It’s Time with Herman and Sharron,” also known as the “Herman and Sharron Show.” I had never heard of Herman, or Sharron, or their show, but I thought it could be fun. I also thought that perhaps it was an invitation I was supposed to accept.

The show is produced by the Christian Television Network, is widely syndicated, and has been rated in the top 10 Christian programs on cable television. I bumped into Herman backstage before taping, and he radiates genuine warmth and peace. He proudly introduced his bride of 51 years. The half hour went by too fast. I’m told it will be broadcast on Monday, September 15, beginning at 10 am on the East Coast. As they say, check your cable listings. The show will also be available on YouTube a few days after that.

Herman and I have taken different paths. His show focuses on prayer and faith healing. He noted, at the beginning of the show, that most of his programming assumes no more than a 5th or perhaps 8th grade education. Yet he clearly wanted to reach beyond that, and I guess that is why he invited me. I did my best to explain the scientific evidence for God, the subjects of my book. I noted that you can’t get meaningful information by chance, and that scientists have found tremendous new information in every species. We discussed how many people are not willing to adapt their views when the evidence changes. We chuckled at the truth that, although many perceive believers as refusing to adapt, in reality it is Atheists who ignore the evidence of modern science. I have a tendency to get too technical, and I was probably guilty of that again. But Herman kept smiling and wanting to learn more, and I loved it.

I envy Herman his path to faith. I often wish I wasn’t a sort of scientific doubting Thomas, a person who took decades to sort through the evidence of science. But that’s my path. As I say in my book, there are many paths up the mountain, many different ways to seek God. Whatever your path is, I wish you the best. If you can achieve the faith of Herman and Sharron, you will be high up on the mountain.

Thanks for reading.